Experiential Social Entrepreneurship


LPPS 4735 — Experiential Social Entrepreneurship — is an applied course that is both case-based and project-centric, in an effort to be solutions- oriented and hands-on. You will have the opportunity to engage in the types of challenges social entrepreneurs face; gain insight into the workings of social ventures—from conceptualization, to launch, growth, and exit; and you’ll have the opportunity to have an impact on social ventures that are moving the needle on improving the lives of people worldwide.


  • To develop an even broader understanding of the full range of socially innovative and market-based solutions to major challenges;

  • To work with social entrepreneurs and develop a deeper insight into whether you want to start your own venture or work within an existing social venture;

  • To understand the design-thinking process and how it and other approaches can be applied to major challenges;

  • To develop as social entrepreneurship professionals—working on real world challenges, interfacing with social enterprise professionals, taking initiative as active team members.


  • Strengthen critical thinking skills in an entrepreneurial setting;

  • Strengthen your creative thinking skills and your capacity to create innovative solutions through Design Thinking and other tools;

  • Strengthen your collaborative thinking skills and working within interdisciplinary teams in a fast-paced, uncertain environment;

  • Strengthen you quantitative skills, specifically your ability to identify, define, and measure both financial and social metrics;

  • Further develop your professional skills, including: professionalism, self-motivation, remote team management, timeliness, respect and polished presentations and communications.


The case studies we will use throughout the semester can be purchased and downloaded from Harvard Business School Publishing. Any additional required readings are available online, via the publisher or through UVA Library. Click here to purchase the case studies.


Day: Mondays, from August 31 until November 23
Time: 3:30PM until 6:00PM EST (that’s 1530-1800 EST for those who speak 24-hour time)
Online: Zoom details will be shared
Classroom: Monroe 110


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